Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I stop in the middle of reading a book that a friend kindly bought for me.
Here's an interesting, and in my opinion true, paragraph.
Chew it over a few times before swallowing, like a perfectly cooked steak...

"Entering into that freedom, which is Christ's own gift, requires that we be liberated from the wrong idea of God.

We must destroy the idol of God as a big, powerful person, usually thought of as male, who bosses us around and tells us what we must do if He is to like us.

We must get rid of the God who opposes our freedom, and keeps us trapped in infantile submission.

So many people's lives have been crucified by worship of this alien idol. We must discover the God who is the source of freedom bubbling up in the very core of our being, and granting us existence in every moment."

Timothy Radcliffe OP, "What is the point of being a Christian?"

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