Monday, 13 July 2009

The Man with No Name

I know the name of his dog.

I know that he has two children - a boy & girl.

I know that she is 5 & he is 8.

I know he comes from Dublin.

I know that he used to play representative football before sustaining a knee injury.

I know where he lives.

I know that he supports Liverpool, thinks that their defenders are rubbish & isn't feeling optimistic about keeping Alonso & Mascherano.

I know that he thinks Michael Owen is a good buy for United.

I know that he thinks our park is going downhill & that the council are shocking for not maintaining a better standard of playground.

I know that he likes meeting Alfie cause he gives his dog a good work out.

I know quite a bit about this guy...

...But I don't have a fiddlers what his name is.

We've chatted maybe 10 times now & it's too late, never mind embarrassing to ask. What a funny relational dynamic, where you can know so much & yet so little.