Monday, 13 July 2009

The Man with No Name

I know the name of his dog.

I know that he has two children - a boy & girl.

I know that she is 5 & he is 8.

I know he comes from Dublin.

I know that he used to play representative football before sustaining a knee injury.

I know where he lives.

I know that he supports Liverpool, thinks that their defenders are rubbish & isn't feeling optimistic about keeping Alonso & Mascherano.

I know that he thinks Michael Owen is a good buy for United.

I know that he thinks our park is going downhill & that the council are shocking for not maintaining a better standard of playground.

I know that he likes meeting Alfie cause he gives his dog a good work out.

I know quite a bit about this guy...

...But I don't have a fiddlers what his name is.

We've chatted maybe 10 times now & it's too late, never mind embarrassing to ask. What a funny relational dynamic, where you can know so much & yet so little.


Ruth E said...

Alfie, is good for a work out though!

Anonymous said...

does he know yours is the other side of it...

michaelwylie said...

Just do the usual Northern Irish thing and overuse the word 'mate' to compensate for not knowing his name!