Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Does Britain Have Talent?

I'm guilty.

I am one of the 13 million people who must hold their hands up and plead guilty to tuning into BGT over the last few weeks.

Whilst I have really enjoyed the dance routines of Flawless & Diversity and a positive, anti-knife crime message from Liverpudlian children, these have been the shining lights in a pile of tosh this week.

Don't agree with me? Well I present to you Darth Jackson... some annoying guy swinging from a rope in a straight jacket... a repulsive, overweight male drag queen miming to a backing track... a shambolic wannabe rapper... and borderline jailbait teenagers prancing around in their under crackers.

And is it just me or has Susan Boyle (who genuinely has talent) morphed from an authentic, shy & retiring spinster into a bit of a show off.

So my question to you is this... does Britain have talent or is it the freakish parade of the dull, the desperate and deluded that attracts the viewers? Is it the fabulous entertainment that draws us in or is it the gratitude that you have more self-awareness than an operatic, flower arranger?

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Nellie said...

On Thursday's show the judges described 2 Grand as being "what this show is all about - family entertainment".

The next act... a woman who wants to get her bits out or hang flashing lights off them.

And Christians get abuse for hypocrisy?