Saturday, 17 January 2009

Taking Action – a Practical Response to Porn

With all addictions, we need God’s strength to empower & change us. It’s about giving our best, taking each day at a time & being prepared to pick ourselves up when we fall. Here’s some advice from someone who’s struggled with porn:

Talk to God first: you’ll probably not want to do this, but the best first step is to confess what you’ve done, admit you have a problem & never feel too guilty to approach your loving & gracious Heavenly Father. Ask Him to heal your heart & mind from images that have polluted it.

Get accountable: admitting your problem to someone else is the most vital & dangerous step, but you simply cannot fight this battle on your own. Be brave. Tell your friend, wife/husband, pastor. They probably struggle with it too. Pray it through together.

Clean it up: now that your thinking is clear, here are some practical steps to avoid porn:
Cancel or lock out TV channels that cause you to struggle
Don’t go channel hopping after 9pm
Place your computer in a public place like the living room
Don’t log on late at night – when you’re tired, you’re more vulnerable
Get someone to check your internet history (don’t delete it for two weeks)

By recognising this issue & bringing it into the light, we can commit together to the long & difficult journey towards healing and freedom from the bonds of lust & pornography addiction.

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(Ideas in these blogs were adapted from YouthWork Magazine)


Neil Harrison said...

Hey Dinger, this is a good series you have written and i appreciate your honesty. Pornography is dangerous and no more powerful has this been stated than by Ted Bundy in his final interview with Dr. James Dobson where he traces his serial killing back to an addiction to pornography. If you haven't seen it here is a link:

Luke said...

Great advice here! Another good tool is having accountability software on your computer (like Covenant Eyes). Its a great way to remain accountable to friends and mentors about pornography temptations.