Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Church the new cinematic experience?

We call it a worship service, but a more accurate description of what most of us do today is something like a "spiritual show."

Too many of us equate churchgoing with going to the movies. It's a performance & our role is to give it a thumbs up or an 'our survey says "uh-uh."' We can treat our worship service like our favourite TV programme; as long as it's entertaining & the characters & the story captures us, we'll stay tuned in. But if it loses it's edge, we'll channel hop to another show.

"Lord, please remind us that in our church service, You are the audience, not us."

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Sparky said...

But if the tv show is rubbish and ratings drop it must adapt to re establish itself. So if we channel hope should the reason behind it not be explored?

So how about the audience of one? Are we not the audience then?